Sales / R&D

The Novi, MI branch is our R&D and Sales organization of GECOM for the North American market. We work to customize GECOM products to individual needs of NAFTA car makers, gathering of information about North American market trends and specificities for development of ACT group next generation’s products.

We operate as a North American sales and marketing organization, working closely with the U.S. based Sales and Management Team in Greensburg, IN. Provide and ensure world-class level of service to North American car manufacturers. Create relationships with customers based on trust and close communication for speedy and efficient collaboration.  Making sure that developed solutions match customers’ needs.

We provide up-to-date information about global markets and product trends, presentation of ACT group latest  technologies .

Call us at 248-957-5200

We are located Northwest of Detroit:

25550 Seeley Road
Suite 100
Novi, Michigan 48375