GECOM Quality and Environmental Policy

GECOM Corporation is committed to design and manufacture products of consistently high quality through meeting all requirements including governmental and customer-specified quality standard requirements and utilizing the principles of continual improvement. Through the establishment of an Environmental Management System (EMS), we are committed to the prevention of pollution, protection of natural resources, waste reduction, and compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations. Our goal is to be the "best in class" producer of automotive latch products, setting the highest of standards in quality and environmental management for the industry worldwide. We believe in decision-making based on data. We will strive for the continual improvement of our business processes and products by reviewing them periodically and establishing environmental objectives and targets to minimize any potential significant impacts to the environment including: recycling and/or reusing materials where practicable, waste reduction and/or elimination, proper disposal of wastes. Finally, we believe that customer satisfaction is reached by meeting or exceeding all present and future customer expectations through cost improvements by the reduction and elimination of waste, continued use of Kaizen activity, and by providing 100% on-time delivery.